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Dedicated to the divine feminine energy of the goddess Kuan Yin.  GRACE is an indulgent floral blend, highlighted with soul soothing chamomile and a gently earthy and exotic patchouli musk finish.


GRACE takes us on a beautiful journey...sweet & joyful, tranquil & calming, woodsy & spicy.  It's fragrance is a loving reminder that our greatest strength & wisdom come from a peaceful and calm heart.


Use freely "cocoon" and revive your spirit.  Be transported to the serene garden of your soul and inspire acts of love and GRACE-filled intention in all areas of your life! 



As with all aromatherapy and essential oils, store in a cool, dry, dark space.  Shake well before each use.  


Suggestions for Use:

Use freely anytime!  "Shift the vibe" and invoke the sweet, exotic and feminine divine energy of Kwan Yin on you and your space.



Proprietary Blend of Curated Botanical Oils and Carrier Liquids



    All purchases are Final Sale.   No Returns or Exchanges. 


    Standard USPS shipping.  $5 flat rate in the USA.  International orders, please contact us via email. 

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