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ZEN+MAGIC energy sprays work much like a typical smudge spray.  They cleanse and refresh the energy of you and your space. However, UNLIKE smudge sprays, our energy sprays are designed to clear, then leave a specific energetic imprint as a foundation for you to proceed with your desired activity.  For example, grounded energy prior to meditation, protective & grounded energy in the workspace, or stimulating green energy prior to manifestation work.... 


Ideally, smudge and energy sprays should NOT linger.  After the scent dissipates, cleansing and setting of you and the space is complete. A lingering scent occurs when the spray has attached to a stagnant energy it is working to release.  Give it a bit of time to "unstick" these heavier energies then gently dissipate, taking the stagnant energy with it and creating an energy infused blank canvas for you to begin your inner or outer work!

ZEN+MAGIC smudge and energy sprays are NOT room fragrances or perfumes, which often use artificial fragrances that last longer, but don't offer the same healing benefits of the naturally derived botanicals. The intention of ZEN+MAGIC energy sprays is to shift the vibe, then dissipate rather than overstimulate.


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