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This punchy botanical blend is an ode to the mysterious and intoxicating spirit of old folklore.  ABSINTHE by ZEN+MAGIC uses essential oils of flowers and medicinal herbs in honor of the original "La Fee Vert".


Activating the heart and solar plexus chakras, ABSINTHE opens a doorway that expands your abundance and intention work.  Highly stimulating, this powerful spray awakens, then dissipates swiftly to avoid being cloyingly pungent, leaving a fresh, fertile space for you to begin your practice with Love & Light. 


Use immediately prior to manifestation work.  Invoke ABSINTHE to energize your mind and body to move forward.  Close your eyes and feel "The Green Fairy" rise, clear the path and unlock the door to your expansion. 



Store in a cool, dry space.  Shake well before using.  ABSINTHE is not recommended for use prior to sleep.


Suggestions for Use:

Close your eyes in a meditative sitting position.  With your eyes closed, spray ABSINTHE over your heart and solar plexus, over your crown chakra, then over your upper back and shoulders.  Finish with a final spritz at your heart/solar plexus again to "complete the circle".   The fragrance is strong, but will settle quickly.  You'll feel your engine within start to hum...proceed with your manifestation and intention work!  Again, ABSINTHE is not recommended to be used near bedtime. 



Proprietary Blend of Curated Botanical Oils and Carrier Liquids



    All purchases are Final Sale.   No Returns or Exchanges. 


    Standard USPS shipping.  $5 flat rate in the USA.  International orders, please contact us via email. 

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