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Artificial vs. Natural Fragrances

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

What Your Nose KNOWS...

When I first started making my sprays, many people said the smell was very “delicate” or “gentle". I was shocked because the sprays were quite strong to me. I started doing some research and thought I’d do a quick post to share information about the impact of artificial fragrances in our lives….a numbed sense of smell is only the tip of the iceberg. More seriously, artificial fragrances affect other aspects of our physical health as well.

If you are like me, you work hard to read food labels and feed your family high quality and organic. But what about the NON-food products your family uses daily? Perfumes, lotions, soap, hair products, washing detergent….these are just a few household items that may contain artificial fragrances.

What’s wrong with artificial fragrances?

Well, actually, A LOT.

Many personal care products contain artificial fragrances, mainly petroleum based chemicals, that are known toxic carcinogens. These chemicals absorb into our bloodstream directly through our skin or are inhaled. Exposure to artificial fragrance chemicals can cause headaches, eye/nose/throat irritation, forgetfulness, loss of coordination, nausea, neurotoxic issues, respiratory distress, birth defects, cancer, asthma, and more. Artificial fragrances are TOXIC. Manufacturers prefer to use artificial fragrances because they are cheaper, stronger and last longer. Sadly, that’s what customers are asking for, right?

Once I learned about the danger of artificial fragrances, I became as cautious and careful about the NON-food products I brought home to my family as I was about the food I brought home to bargain basement price was worth my family's long-term health.

In this modern world, we may not be able to avoid all artificial fragrances all the time, but we can make smarter choices to limit our exposure to them as much as possible. It makes a difference. Try it! Limit the products you purchase with artificial fragrances....opt for zero fragrance or natural fragrances whenever possible....and notice your sense of smell, brain clarity, mood and overall health start to improve. It will take a bit of time, but it's a powerful and beautiful thing...priceless.

NOTE: In case you were wondering, the fragrances of ZEN+MAGIC vibe and energy sprays are created using ONLY essential oils (primarily plant extracts). Essential oils are extracted by pressing or steaming flowers, leaves, fruit or bark to capture the concentrated aroma compound...100% all natural substances. Unlike artificial fragrance, natural fragrances are highly therapeutic and can have a strong impact on our surroundings, our bodies, our moods, our brain health....our quality of life.

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