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Adventuring Outside Your Comfort Zone

It’s hard to tell when my Spiritual Journey began. I tell others that my awareness of my Spiritual Journey began over a decade ago. A lot of things were the catalyst at that time but, mostly, I think it was the feeling that I had ‘settled’ in too many areas of my life…not to mention that I could no longer ignore the gaping hole in me that felt like something important was missing. An old friend told me that I said to her one day, very seriously, “I’m going on a Spiritual Journey." Although words like that sounded nothing at all like me, she insisted. So, the drama queen in me has decided to mark that moment as the beginning of my search for purpose and meaning in my life…i.e. something to fill that gaping hole. I wanted to feel blissfully ALIVE again.

My adventure began gently by exploring anything that fascinated me and that I would have normally felt uncomfortable about. I spent a lot of time in centers for alternative thinking and "New Age” gathering places. In the beginning, it was overwhelming (and a little weird), to say the least. There seemed to be such a huge gap between living 'of this world’ with a normal job, friends and a little mainstream religion to top it off vs. delving head first into the vast sea of Spirituality. I was scared! Everyone in this alternative world seemed over the top and, dare I say, a bit out there. Was I really ready to live off the grid? At first, I was cautious…fearful of getting sucked in and losing all that I was familiar with. However, I stubbornly refused to let my fears create judgments about things I had yet to experience myself and proceeded to set forth walking at the edge of the 'Spirituality shoreline’, gingerly dipping my feet in and spending time learning about anything that struck my interest. Slowly and quietly, a hunger in me grew and I began to immerse myself more deeply in the exploration of more new perspectives. This may not be a big deal to many people, but I felt wild and free! I felt empowered and proud of this little bubble-gum, jimmy-rigged spiritual mission I had embarked on…all in the pursuit of discovering my life purpose and, ultimately, how to fill that empty space I had been carrying around within myself for the last 15 years.

Let me tell you, I explored everything and anything! Cutting-edge, radical new perspectives and long-standing beliefs. All the while, my daily mantra was a quote from Buddha-

“Believe NOTHING,

no matter where you read it

or who has said it,

not even if I have said it,

unless it agrees with

your own reason and

your own common sense."


That being said, the entire World was now open to me - there was NOTHING taboo! I explored Hare Krishna, Buddhism, yoga and yogis, tarot cards, meditation, Wicca, the Bible, energy healing, frequency of stones, the Tao, the law of manifestation, life after death, pendulum, aromatherapy, acupuncture, ionic, magnetic…..anything and everything that sparked an interest in me. It was beautiful and enlightening. So many outlooks wrapped in a variety of colorful words and interesting packages….who was I to say what was right or wrong?! In this buffet of information, I served myself a meal of everything that peaked my curiosity! It was the most satisfying 'meal’ of my life. I started to watch sunsets, sunrises, birds flying, clouds breaking, grass growing, people living……all with new eyes. Different books started to interest me…Louise L. Hay, Doreen Virtue, Don Miguel Ruiz, Paulo Coelho and even Chelsea Handler! When I ceased judgement of what was right and wrong, important and unimportant, I found a little lesson in everything and started to form MY TRUTH, based on things that resonated deeply with me.

As someone who has taken my first leap to explore new frontiers of Spirituality, I have a few suggestions for those of you that have decided to embark on your own journey to reconnect with yourselves and find your Truth:

  1. Take time alone in peaceful silence and reconnect with nature regularly.

  2. Explore things that are oddly intriguing to you or that you know you have irrational fears about…gently expanding your boundaries.

  3. Select three priorities in your life and 'feed’ each of those things daily. For example, if your health is a priority, exercise 30 minutes a day. Maintaining priorities in your life helps you to maintain your balance.

  4. Follow your heart. Our minds are important, but they will always keep you in your 'safe zone’. Nothing revolutionary is revealed in our comfort zones. Do what makes your heart sing!

  5. Seek a person that you can relate to who is already on this journey, a spiritual mentor of sorts. After all, this new adventure can seem overwhelming at first. Be sure that you feel comfortable and supported by this person, rather than directed to be on a specific course. You are not looking for someone to put you on their path, but to offer you assistance as you begin to blaze your own trail.

If you’re feeling a 'void’, chances are good it’s not going to be filled with anything you’re doing now. Consider the option of adventuring outside of your comfort zone, in little ways (or big)…it may reconnect you with all the amazing things you are capable of! In my personal adventure, going through experiences which challenged my boundaries made me see a strength, courage and passion I didn’t think I had anymore….and this was my key to filling my void. Dare to open yourself up to a magical World and find your key.


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